10 Basic Posing Techniques for Fine Art Portraits

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In portraiture, posing is the key element that differentiates great from good. All the latest gear, creativity, lighting and beautiful models in the world can’t save your portraits if you don’t know the first thing about posing. In her course, Master Your Craft, conceptual photographer Brooke Shaden reveals her top 10 go-to posing techniques to help you get the look you want in any portrait or fine art photo shoot.

1. Creating separation

Move the subject’s arms and legs to allow for negative space, lines, and triangles around the body. Lines and spaces help the eye move around the frame. In addition to appearing slimmer, the model will look like he or she is in the middle of doing something instead of just standing still.

2. Tucking the arms in

Move the arms back far enough to hide the upper arm. This allows the elbows to cinch the waist a bit. This position makes the subject look whimsical, like they’re in a fairy tale.

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