10 Rules of Etiquette That Define What People Think of Us at First Glance

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4. You keep the right distance with the opposite sex.

How should you behave if you see a man you know on the street? Even if you’re close friends, don’t jump in his arms and greet him too loudly, especially if he is with someone. Just nod or greet him verbally and wait for him to react. When he greets you back, he should introduce you to his (girl)friend. The same rule applies to men with women.

3. You’re polite to everyone.

According to the rules of etiquette, you should be polite to everyone regardless of their age or position. If you want to get a waiter’s attention just nod, smile, or raise your hand. In big restaurants waiters usually tell you their name when they greet you. Try to remember it and use it throughout the dinner. “Would you please” and “Excuse me, Miss/Mister” are acceptable to use too.

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