11 Creative Ways To Use Cooling Racks To Declutter Your Home

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You can go to your local dollar store and purchase a few cooling racks for just $1. While many of you would be hesitant to do this, I highly recommend you do it. Why? Because cooling racks are very useful.

They aren’t made just to help cool down a batch of cookies or muffins. In reality, these wire racks can actually help all around the home!

1. Spice Organizer

Using pliers, you can transform a cooling rack into the perfect storage solution for your spice cabinet. Stop worrying about having a cluttered cabinet and try this!

Find more instructions for this project here.

2. Dry Wet Shoes

Shoe racks are very important to any household, but what happens when it’s raining outside? This leaves our shoes very wet. To help accelerate the drying process, place your shoes on top of a cooling rack to let air flow underneath and help the shoes dry faster.

3. Plastic Lid Organizer

For those of us with a bunch of tupperware and other plastic containers, it’s impossible to keep track of all the lids. Use a cooling rack to separate and store the lids.

Place a cooling rack on top of a basket, and you’re done! 

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