12 Things We’d Better Do at Night Instead of in the Morning

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10. Thinking over (and writing down) an action plan for the upcoming day

Darren Hardy, the author of a book called The Compound Effect, is sure that making your plans at night contributes to keeping your life in order. We usually make plans in the morning when we’re in a hurry and, as a result, we forget about important things or take on more responsibility than we can actually deal with. Thorough planning will help you to stay calm in the morning and perform all necessary actions step-by-step without wasting precious time and energy.

  • Your daily schedule doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. It just means that your day will run smoother and it will be harder to take you off course.

9. Airing out you room

Human being’s bodies contain white fat. Very often this fat shows up where we don’t want it to appear the most. But there’s another kind of fat called brown fat. It’s involved in the body’s thermoregulation and acts as a source of energy. Various tests prove that white fat can transform into brown as a result of the cold temperature effect that improves metabolism.

  • We can open a window in our bedroom at night to cool the air. You don’t have to keep it open until you freeze, but just letting the cool air in is enough to make brown fat work faster and consume more energy, even while you sleep.

8. Preparing your lunch and outfit in advance

If you have everything prepared, it will save your time and nerves in the morning. You’ll avoid the torturous decision making, you’ll be sure that what you want to wear is ready to go, and you’ll have at leat 15 minutes to spare that you can spend on a light workout or a cup of coffee.

  • You could also have your lunch prepared in the evening if you usually eat in the office. Think about everything in advance: an empty fridge won’t give you any extra energy or put you in a good mood.
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