12 Things We’d Better Do at Night Instead of in the Morning

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7. Doing yoga and meditating

We often miss morning exercises because of the lack of time. But it’s the evening yoga that helps put our thoughts and emotions in order, relieving tension, and getting us ready to greet the next day. Nowadays, the mindfulness practice of meditation is very popular. Spend at least 10 minutes on a couple of simple exercises before you go to bed.

  • Lots of people can’t meditate because there are so many obtrusive thoughts in their heads and so much noise around. In this case, it’s important to concentrate your attention on your inner awareness. Lie down, close your eyes, and think about each part of your body: concentrating on it and relaxing it. It’ll be way easier for you to fall asleep after this exercise.

6. Taking hot shower or bath

A hot shower in the morning isn’t the best choice because the hot temperature is actually a sleep aid. It does more good if you have it at night because this change in body temperature creates an impulse in our body to fall asleep faster. A warm tub is actually a great way to cope with insomnia.

  • A hot shower or bath before bed has so many benefits: it calms nerves, cleans clogged pores, stabilizes the glucose level in blood, relaxes the backbone, and it’s very important after a long work day in the office.

5. Reading something you want to remember

Scientists from the University of Sussex proved that reading is the best way to relax because plunging into a different world helps in getting rid of the stress from daily problems better than both tea and music. You only need to spend 6 minutes with a book to reduce your anxiety level and relax the muscles.

  • Your brain memorizes everything better at night. This fact actually helps students who study at night to pass their exams. No smartphones or laptops: use ordinary books to avoid problems caused by the screen light.
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