12 Ways to Use the Cosmetics You Wanted to Get Rid of — Now You’ll Probably Hold on to Them

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3. Transparent nail polish

Transparent nail polish can make not only nails shine but any other surface, it can also help to fix little details.

  • In order to remove scratches from polished furniture, put a little bit of nail polish on the damaged spot.
  • Nail polish can help you save your favorite glasses. In order not to lose small screws from the frame, you can seal or fix them with a thin layer of nail polish.

4. Powder

Powders contain mineral salts that absorb moisture.

  • Before a workout at the gym, put some powder on the spots that sweat a lot like armpits, elbows, and palms. This trick will help you avoid irritation.
  • You can substitute a dry hair shampoo with powder. Just put a little bit of powder on the hair to let it absorb the oil. After that, brush your hair above a sink or bathtub.

5. Makeup removals

Makeup removals can not only remove makeup but also different types of dirt.

  • In order to remove the leftovers from stickers and price tags from almost any surface, just rub the spot with a cloth soaked in makeup remover. You can also remove cosmetic stains from clothes, but in this case, you should use clear a liquid.
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