20 Brilliant Ways to Use Ordinary Things

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There are certain things we use every single day. However, they usually turn out to have more than one use, which we would never have dreamed of! In fact, they could help you out when you’re in a pickle.

Below are some everyday objects that you could use in extraordinary ways. Once you get these in your life, you’d feel much more organized and in control. Plus, it’s a great way to impress your friends! cool stuff, cool stuff

1: A shower cap protects more than your hair

Packing is a hassle, but not if you know how to use the things around you! Look up a few videos on how to fold clothes. You’d find much more space than you thought you had.

One packing tip is to use a shower cap to contain small objects. This could be your manicure kit, makeup essentials, or a pair of shoes. Read up on this; it could make your life much easier! cool stuff, cool stuff

2: Keeping the little things together

Bobby pins, nail files, common pins and hair clips have a way of losing themselves. We’re not kidding; they actually seem to vanish into thin air. However, if you can lay your hands on a long magnet, you’re in luck! Mount that strip onto a wall and use it to hold all your tiny metal essentials. cool stuff, cool stuff

The best place for such a magnet is in the bathroom. That way, you won’t have pins lying around all over the place. You can also simply reach out and grab hold of one whenever you need it.

3: Popping open any lid

Opening a jar for the first time requires superhuman strength. Not anymore! Take a spoon and insert it between the lid and the jar. Hopefully, this would allow just enough air to escape for you to open the jar easily.

This method would save on your having to poke a hole in the jar. Once you perfect it, you can easily wow other people with your jar-opening skills!

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