20 Brilliant Ways to Use Ordinary Things

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4: Scent it up

While traveling, you may sometimes have to stuff dirty clothes into your suitcase or bag. Hoping for the best, however, would not deal with the resulting nasty scent.

If you must put your dirty laundry in with the clean, put in a bar of soap as well. This would hopefully mask any weird smells. Also, be sure to keep the unwashed clothes in a plastic bag to be on the safe side.

5: No more hunting!

Using a tape roll can be very irritating. You could pass your fingernail around the roll again and again, yet not find out where it starts. In order to save your time, take the help of a paper clip. Simply place the clip at the end of the tape when you’re done with it. You would thank your past self the next time around!

This method comes in handy with sellotape, duct tape, and even washi tape.

6: Storing ornaments

Your ornaments are delicate decorations and hence deserve a proper home. The best way to store them all is to use an egg carton. The openings for the eggs are perfect for storing ornaments. If they can protect eggs, they can definitely protect glass pieces.

What’s more; you can also use the eggs themselves as ornaments. Look up some videos on how to turn a simple egg into a striking and colorful Christmas tree decoration.

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