26 Creative Ways To Use A Shoe Caddy To Better Organize Your Home

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While most of us use a shoe caddy to store shoes, it turns out that it can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s a great tool to save space around the house and stay organized!

1. Water bottles taking up too much space?

If you have numerous thermoses and water bottles throughout your house, then use a shoe caddy to keep them organized. It’s not only efficient, but it makes using one as simple as “grab-and-go!”

2. Planter Caddy

Use a shoe caddy to create an herb garden. Label each specific section of the caddy with the name of an herb, and create this fun garden in your home! See instructions here.

3. Wrapping Paper Organizer

Cut the bottom two rows of pockets in a shoe caddy and store long, cylindrical objects such as gift wrap inside.

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