5 Steps to Defining Your Photography Style (and Creating Guidelines)

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Step 2: Find Inspiration

It’s important to be aware of what other photographers are creating in your industry! When you are defining a unique style for yourself, you can use their work for inspiration, but try to make your images different.

Your photographs are a visual representation of your brand, so try to think of ways to be true to yourself while still adding a unique edge to your work.

I highly recommend creating Pinterest boards filled with images that represent the look and feel you are trying to achieve.

This will significantly help you in sorting through ideas that’ll will inspire future images, and give you a stylistic guide to fall back on.

Step 3: Be your Own Critic

This may be the most difficult step, but it will help you in the long run.

Take a step back and really analyze your work. If you are having trouble with where to start, choose 10-20 of your favorite images you’ve photographed that relate to your goals. Take a deep look at these images up close, far away, and upside down (yes you heard that right!).

Look for similarities between the photographs including subject matter, composition, depth of field, lenses used, tones, colors, and any unique elements your eye may catch.

Even though your images may not be 100% cohesive yet, you need to start observing what makes them come together as a single collection that represents you as an artist.

No matter which photographic industry you’re pursuing, you are still the artist behind the camera, creating these images.

A great example is one of my favorite photographers Jose Villa. When browsing through wedding images, I can tell the photograph is likely his before seeing his name. The images he creates are cohesive in style, depth of field, color, and tones. He’s a true master at controlling the quality and guidelines for his art.

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