7 Habits We Were Wrong to Think Were Useful

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3. Avoiding monosodium glutamate

Research shows that the unpleasant symptoms that monosodium glutamate is believed to cause in human beings, such as nausea and headaches, only occur when you eat something with no less than 3 g of this substance in its purest form. You’re quite unlikely to encounter this. At the same time, the food products to which glutamate is added aren’t very good for you even without it.

Source: Food and Drug Administration.

4. Cleansing your body with a detox diet

Detox diets, which are currently gaining popularity at a rapid pace, promise to rid your body of toxins. But specialists unanimously point out that the body can deal with them on its own. If your liver and kidneys aren’t performing properly, that’s a reason to visit the doctor and not to simply drink more smoothies or cocktails.

Source: The Guardian.

5. Consuming organic products

In many countries, there is no legal requirement to mark organic food products with any kind of certification. This is why if you see the words “eco“ or ”bio,” it’s more often than not going to just be a marketing ploy rather than a guarantee that the food has been produced without the use of chemicals. So the fact is it won’t be any better for you than the ordinary fruit or vegetables you buy at the market.

Source: mercola.com.

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