7 Tips for Shooting Long Exposure Night Photographs

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Some of the most beautiful and stunning photographs were taken at night. The ability to get the perfect photo from the night sky is what differentiates an amateur photographer from a professional. However, even as a beginner, you can still capture stunning images at night if you know what you are doing.

Daytime photography is good but when you take that extra step to become what I referred to as “shadow walkers” you will enjoy every single beautiful photo you get from shooting at night. However, this will require some skills; you need a mastery of light as well as your camera settings to achieve this. Shooting perfect images in the night can be achieved using advantages of DSLR cameras which include fast aperture lenses, high ISO capabilities, and long exposures. However, it still has some of its challenges. You will need to find a way to overcome noise and shallow depth of field issues.

In this article, you will learn how to start shooting long exposure photographs at night. The following tips will turn you into a professional shadow photographer:

1. Get Proper Stabilization

The first thing you need when going for long exposure night photos is to achieve stabilization. Lack of proper stabilization is the main culprit of ruined photos. To achieve proper stabilization, I will recommend that you get a tripod. This will help you to stabilize your camera while working with long exposures.

Another important tool is “remote shutter release”. Although this is not a must-have tool, but it will help you to achieve an added layer of stability by keeping you from touching your camera when you are ready to shoot.

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