9 Ordinary Things That Harm Our Youth and Beauty

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6. Smartphones and computers

Blue screens follow almost each of us from morning until late evening. Many people know that writing messages via a phone with their neck bent downward can cause a double chin.

And, also, there is research claiming that the screen’s blue light (High Energy Visiblelight) can be as harmful as UVA and UVB rays.

Solution: if there is no way to reduce the time you spend in front of the computer, you could install a special anti-blue light screen protector. There are also protective creams you can use that are called HEV creams.

5. Open windows

Recently, scientists found a direct correlation between air pollution and premature aging. But industrial facilities aren’t the only reason for air pollution. Life in big cities, near highways, neighbors that smoke, and many other facts can cause environment pollution.

Solution: if your apartment or workplace is too close to the source of pollution, try to avoid opening your windows. Nowadays, you can get a device to clean your indoor air that removes pollution particles and even helps control the humidity level.

4. Bras

Firm breasts are associated with youth. There’s a theory that bras fight against gravity and keep breasts perky. But there is not any scientific justification to this theory. There is also an opposite theory that says that bras make chest muscles weak. And it’s been proven. Specialists are sure that only women with certain features (for example, big mammary glands) have to wear a bra to feel comfortable.

Solution: wear a bra only if necessary or avoid wearing one at all.

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